Reproduced with permission from:
Jack Chan

"Where rose the mountains, there to him were friends; Where rolled the oceans, thereon was his home…"

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage,
1812-18, canto 3 stanza 13
George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788-1824)
English poet

Vol 40 No. 9 September 2011
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PDF format articles Editorial
Heart Failure: A Problem of Our Age
A Mark Richards, Carolyn Lam, Raymond C Wong, Chai Ping

PDF format articles Original Articles
Thyroid Dysfunction and Long-term Outcome during and after Interferon-alpha Therapy in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C
Vasiliadis Themistoklis, Anagnostis Panagiotis, Nalmpantidis Georgios, Soufleris Konstantinos, Patsiaoura Kaliopi, Grammatikos Nikolaos, Orfanou-Koumerkeridou Eleni, Kargiotis Konstantinos, Slavakis Aristidis, Deliyiannidis Aristidis, Eugenidis Nikolaos

Renal Cell Carcinoma in Young Patients is Associated with Poorer Prognosis
Lui Shiong Lee, John SP Yuen, Hong Gee Sim

Acute Pyelonephritis and Renal Abscesses in Adults—Correlating Clinical Parameters with Radiological (Computer Tomography) Severity
Sey Kiat Lim,Foo Cheong Ng

PDF format articles Review Article
Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair, A Local Single Institution Experience
Wee Thong Neo, Uei Pua, Daniel ES Wong

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
MELAS Associated Pathological Hyperemotionalism: A Case Report
Suet Bin Chai, Sandeep RK Naik, Kang Sim

Mismatched Bone Marrow Transplantation for Severe Aplastic Anaemia after Liver Transplantation for Associated Acute Liver Failure
Vidyadhar P Mali, Poh Lin Tan, Marion Aw, Lincoln DSK Loh, Seng Hock Quak, Krishnakumar Madhavan, Prabhakaran Krishnan

Anticonvulsant Hypersensitivity Syndrome Secondary to Lamotrigine Mimicking a Septic Episode
Deborah JE Marriott, Petrick Periyasamy

A Case of Myeloid Sarcoma with Unusually Extensive and Rapidly Progressive Skin Manifestations
Eugene ST Tan, Mark BY Tang, Keith YK Guan, Joyce SS Lee, Lorenzo Cerroni, Suat Hoon Tan

Giant Subphrenic Abscess: A Rare Complication of Laparoscopic-assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy
Ken Hing Tan, Sun Li Chou, Chi Fang Yu

Acute Upper Airway Obstruction Secondary to Gunshot Injury Splitting Cervical Vertebra
Irfan Mohamad, Mohd Yusri Musa, Adil SA Razaq