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John Muir

Vol 35 No. 7 July 2006
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PDF format articles Editorial
Medicalising the Treatment of Opioid Dependence
Andrew LH Peh, Beng-Yeong Ng

PDF format articles Original Articles
Socio-demographic Profile and Help-seeking Behaviour of Buprenorphine Abusers in Singapore
Munidasa Winslow, Wei-Ling Ng, Subramaniam Mythily, Guo Song, Huak-Chan Yiong

Reducing Polypharmacy Through the Introduction of a Treatment Algorithm: Use of a Treatment Algorithm on the Impact on Polypharmacy
Siow-Ann Chong, Nigila Ravichandran, Lye-Yin Poon, Kai-Ling Soo, Swadna Verma

Utility and Validity of the Self-administered SF-36: Findings From an Older Population
Ee-Munn Chia, Ee-May Chia, Elena Rochtchina, Jie-Jin Wang, Paul Mitchell

Plasma and Urine Amino Acid Profiles in a Healthy Adult Population of Singapore
It-Koon Tan, Bani Gajra

A Novel Locus for X-linked Retinitis Pigmentosa
Zongzhong Tong, Zhenglin Yang, Jay J Meyer, Allen W McInnes, Lai Xue, Asif M Azimi, Jenn Baird, Yu Zhao, Erik Pearson, Changguan Wang, Yali Chen, Kang Zhang