Reproduced with permission from:
Dr Phillip Tseng
(Fellow, Academy of Medicine Singapore;
Past President, College of Anaesthesiologists)

"The sound of laughter is like the vaulted dome of a temple of happiness."

Milan Kundera (1929 – )
Czechoslovakian writer

Vol. 44 No. 9 September 2015
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PDF format articles Editorial
Helping People with Mental Illness Return to Employment: Challenging Existing Beliefs
Daniel Poremski, Siow Ann Chong, Mythily Subramaniam

PDF format articles Original Articles
A Survey on Singaporean Women’s Knowledge, Perception and Practices of Mammogram Screening
Siew Kuan Lim, Xin Ling Teo, Jia Lin Ng, Fay X Li, Su Ming Tan

Health Screening Behaviour among Singaporeans
Hui Zhen Wong, Wei-Yen Lim, Stefan SL Ma, Lily AV Chua, Derrick MK Heng

Clinical Decision Rules for Paediatric Minor Head Injury: Are CT Scans a Necessary Evil?
Desmond Wei Thiam, Si Hui Yap, Shu Ling Chong

Hyperfamiliarity in Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment
Kathryna SH Kwok, Shahul Hameed, Sze Yan Tay, Way Inn Koay, Sharon Koh, Christopher Gabriel, Kinjal Doshi, Stephanie M Fook-Chong, Simon KS Ting

PDF format articles Images in Medicine
Localising Median Neuropathies: The Role of Different Investigations
Leonard LL Yeo, Rahul Rathakrishnan, Vijayan Joy, Aravinda T Kannan, Einar Wilder-Smith