Reproduced with permission from:
Kao Junyang

"Becoming aware of fragility, of temporality,
of the fact that we will surely all be lost to one another,
sooner or later, mandates a clear imperative
to be totally kind and loving to each other

Sylvia Boorstein

Vol. 41 No.9 September 2012
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PDF format articles Editorial
Prevention of Suicide in Singapore
Boon Hock Chia, Audrey Chia

PDF format articles Original Articles
Suicidal Ideation in Medical Students: Who Is at Risk?
Angela PC Fan, Russell O Kosik, Greg A Mandell, Dong Trieu Phuong Tran, Hao Min Cheng, Chen Huan Chen, Tung-Pying Su, Allen WH Chiu

The Knowledge-Attitude Dissociation in Geriatric Education: Can It Be Overcome?
Gerald CH Koh, Reshma A Merchant, Wee Shiong Lim, Zubair Amin

Demographic Determinants of Survival in Osteosarcoma
Saminathan S Nathan, John H Healey

A Ten-Year Retrospective Study on Livedo Vasculopathy in Asian Patients
Emily Y Gan, Mark BY Tang, Suat Hoon Tan, Sze Hon Chua, Audrey WH Tan