Reproduced with permission from:
Eagle Ngo and Jason Cheng

"All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today."

Indian proverb

Vol. 45 No. 6 June 2016
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PDF format articles Editorial
High-Sensitivity Troponin Assays: Boon or Bane for the Cardiologist?
Natalie SY Koh, Swee Han Lim, Chin Pin Yeo, Jack WC Tan

PDF format articles Original Articles
Validity of a Revised Short Form-12 Health Survey Version 2 in Different Ethnic Populations
Maudrene LS Tan, Hwee Lin Wee, Agus Salim, Jeannette Lee, Stefan Ma, Derrick Heng, E-Shyong Tai, Julian Thumboo

The Use of Parenteral Nutrition Support in an Acute Care Hospital and the Cost Implications of Short-term Parenteral Nutrition
Alvin TC Wong, Jeannie PL Ong, Hsien Hwei Han

In Vitro Efficacy of Six Alternative Antibiotics against Multidrug Resistant Escherichia Coli and Klebsiella Pneumoniae from Urinary Tract Infections
Yu Ting Chen, Katzrin Ahmad Murad, Lily SY Ng, Jonathan TH Seah, Joon-Jae Park, Thean Yen Tan

Aortic Dilatation at Different Levels of the Ascending Aorta in Patients with Bicuspid Aortic Valve
Fei Qiong Huang, Kenneth WQ Guo, Liang Zhong, Fei Gao, Ju Le Tan

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
Comparison of Outcomes and Costs of Transcatheter Therapeutic Intervention and Surgical Ligation for the Treatment of Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Swee Chye Quek, Diana Santos, Dimple Dayaram Rajgor, Fan Yu, Robert Grignani

Sequential Localised Neuropathic Itch Following Drastic Weight Gain and Loss
Carina M Grönhagen, Hong Liang Tey

Perioperative Outcomes of Therapeutic Breast Surgery in the Elderly
Chee Meng Lee, Veronique KM Tan, Benita KT Tan, Preetha Madhukumar, Wei Sean Yong, Chow Yin Wong, Kong Wee Ong

PDF format articles Images in Medicine
A 40-Year-Old Man with Rashes and Palpitations
Shan Xian Lee, Yong Kwang Tay

Inflamed Bipedal Nodules with a Distant Occult Cause
Harumi Ochi, Evelyn YX Tay, Joyce SS Lee, Hong Liang Tey