Reproduced with permission from:
Ngaserin Sabrina Ng

"Talents are best nurtured in solitude, but character is best
formed in the stormy billows of the world."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Vol 40 No. 6 June 2011
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PDF format articles Editorial
Blood Donation and Beyond
William YK Hwang

Hypertension: Time Always for Prevention via Dietary Salt Reduction
Vernon MS Oh

PDF format articles Original Articles
Quality of Life in Pathological Gamblers in a Multiethnic Asian Setting
Subramaniam Mythily, Abdin Edimansyah, Shijia Qiu, Winslow Munidasa

Wash-out of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Quantitative Region of Interest Analysis on CT
Cher Heng Tan, Choon Hua Thng, Albert SC Low, Veronique KM Tan, Septian Hartono, Tong San Koh, Brian KP Goh, Peng Chung Cheow, Yu Meng Tan, Alexander YF Chung, London L Ooi, Arul Earnest, Pierce KH Chow

Health-related Quality of Life is Associated with Diabetic Complications, but not with Short-term Diabetic Control in Primary Care
Joanne HM Quah, Nan Luo, Wai Yee Ng, Choon How How, Ee Guan Tay

PDF format articles Case Series
Selection of Resistant Fungi in Liver Transplant Recipients During Use of Newer Antifungal Agents — A Report of Two Cases
Pushpalatha B Lingegowda, Chee Kiat Tan, Ai Ling Tan, Ban Hock Tan

Neonatal Ovarian Cysts: Role of Sonography in Diagnosing Torsion
Dinesh Chinchure, Chiou Li Ong, Amos HP Loh, Victor S Rajadurai

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
Fatal Chloroquine Poisoning: A Rare Cause of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Colin Phipps, Kenneth Chan, Felicia Teo, R Ponampalam

A Case of Late Metastasis of a Renal Cell Carcinoma to a Multinodular Goitre
Philip YK Pang, Adrian JH Koh, Ngian Chye Tan, Rashi Agrawal

Melanocytic Variant of Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma in a Previously Treated Papillary Carcinoma Patient
Irfan Mohamad, Nazli Zainuddin, Norzaliana Zawawi, Venkatesh R Naik

PDF format articles Images in Medicine
White Papules on the Chest and Back of a Middle-aged Man
Wan Lin Teo, Shiu Ming Pang