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CH Lim

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.
George Orwell (Eric Blair) (1903-50);
Animal Farm, 1945, chap. 3

PDF format articles Article from the Editor
Changing of the Guard: Prof Vernon Min Sen Oh, Editor
Eng King Tan

PDF format articles Editorial
Beyond Blood Safety
Diana Teo

PDF format articles Original Articles
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of the Advance Medical Directive in a Residential Estate in Singapore
Matthew Tay, Sin Eng Chia, Judy Sng

Monthly Take-Home Methadone Maintenance Regime for Elderly Opium-Dependent Users in Singapore
Song Guo, Munidasa Winslow, Victoria Manning, Kyaw KW Thane

Factors Associated with Delayed Discharges after Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation in Singapore
Woan Shin Tan, Wai Fung Chong, Karen SG Chua, Bee Hoon Heng, Kay Fei Chan

Central Clot Score at Computed Tomography as a Predictor of 30-day Mortality after Acute Pulmonary Embolism
Sudhakar Kundapur Venkatesh, Shih Chang Wang

Influenza B Outbreak among Influenza-vaccinated Welfare Home Residents in Singapore
Mar Kyaw Win, Angela Chow, Mark Chen, Yuk Fai Lau, Eng Eong Ooi, Yee Sin Leo

Prospective Audit of Febrile Neutropenia Management at a Tertiary University Hospital in Singapore
Jing Jin, Yee Mei Lee, Ying Ding, Liang Piu Koh, Siew Eng Lim, Robert Lim, Paul Ananth Tambyah, Li Yang Hsu

Evaluation of Intensive Care Unit-acquired Urinary Tract Infections in Singapore
Mindy KX Tay, Joyce YC Lee, Ian YJ Wee, Helen ML Oh

Incidence, Mortality and Five-year Relative Survival Ratio of Prostate Cancer among Chinese Residents in Singapore from 1968 to 2002 by Metastatic Staging
Sin Eng Chia, Chuen Seng Tan, Gek Hsiang Lim, Xueling Sim, Weber Lau, Kee Seng Chia

Foot Screening for Diabetics
Aziz Nather, Siok Bee Chionh, Patricia LM Tay, Zameer Aziz, Janelle WH Teng, K Rajeswari, Adriaan Erasmus, Ajay Nambiar

The Need for a System of Prognostication in Skeletal Metastasis to Decide Best End-of-life Care – A Call to Arms
Saminathan Suresh Nathan, Lester Chan, Wei Li Tan, Ian Tan, Miguel Go, Benjamin Chuah, Alvin Wong

PDF format articles Review Article
Novel Trends in Haemodialysis: Where Are We Heading?
Tsun Gun Ng, Seng Hoe Tan

PDF format articles Clinical Update
Guidelines for Endoscopic Ultrasonography
Steven Mesenas, Tiing Leong Ang, Christopher Khor, Charles Vu

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
Intravitreal Bevacizumab for the Treatment of Myopic Choroidal Neovascularisation in an Asian Population
Boon Kwang Loh, Shu Yen Lee, Jacob Cheng, Ian Yeo, Doric Wong, Chong Lye Ang

Unusual Cause for Unilateral Headache: A Quadrigeminal Cistern Arachnoid Cyst
Yam B Roka, Ajit Nepal

Emergency Surgery for a Ruptured Intra-abdominal Desmoid Tumour
Ker Kan Tan, Zhiyan Yan, Kui Hin Liau

Embolised Injection Needle Fragment to the Heart, Mimicking a Subcutaneous Charm Needle
Lynette LS Teo, Kar Yin Seto, Ping Chai, Sudhakar Kundapar Venkatesh

PDF format articles Image in Medicine
Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome
Beena Koshy, Narayanam R S Surendrababu

Erythematous Plaques in a Filipino Man
Siew Kiang Tan, Tsun Tsien Liu