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"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear."

Mark Twain (1835-1910)
American author

Vol. 47 No. 4 April 2018
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PDF format articles Editorial
Malaria in 2018: Looking to the Past and Moving into the Future
Po Ying Chia, Li Yang Hsu, Tsin Wen Yeo

PDF format articles Original Articles
Comparison of Formulae for Orotracheal Intubation Depth in the Paediatric Population
Jen Heng Pek, Elizabeth MJ Tan, Ying Hao, Gene YK Ong

Evaluation of Community-based Hypertension Control Programme in South Korea
Sun Mi Lim, Yoon Hyung Park, Won Gi Jhang, Young Taek Kim, Eun Mi Ahn, Ga Hyun Kim, Young Hwangbo

PDF format articles Commentary
Growth Assessment and Monitoring during Childhood
Fabian Yap, Yung Seng Lee, Marion Margaret HY Aw

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
A Review of Tinea Capitis in a Cohort of Asian Children
Colin WX Tan, Alice YW Foong, Hui Min Liew, Mark J Koh

Knowledge and Attitudes of Intensive Care Unit Healthcare Workers towards Human Organ Donation in Singapore
Sheila Wee, Caroline Ong, Yie Hui Lau

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing for Evaluating Patients with Unexplained Exertional Dyspnoea: Potential Role in Risk Stratification?
Zhong Hong Liew, Ganesh Kalyanasundaram, Thun How Ong, Chian Min Loo, Mariko SY Koh

Relationship between Theory and Workplace-based Assessment Scores in Medical Knowledge within a National Psychiatry Residency Programme
Christopher YW Chan, Yvonne Yock, Min Yi Sum, Winston ZX Wong, Yong Hao Lim, Wen Phei Lim, Eric Holmboe, Kang Sim