Reproduced with permission from:
Dr Ken Lee Cheah Hooi

"In solitude, the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself."

Laurence Sterne (1713 - 68)
Irish novelist

Vol. 46 No. 4 April 2017
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PDF format articles Editorial
Depression: Let's Talk
Siow Ann Chong, Yee Ming Mok, Mythily Subramaniam

PDF format articles Original Articles
Comparison of the Minimally Invasive and Conventional Open Surgery Approach in the Treatment of Lumbar Stenosis: A Systematic Review and a Meta-Analysis
Feng Chang, Ting Zhang, Gang Gao, Shengqiang Ding, Yunxing Su, Lijun Li, Genle Zuo, Bin Chen, Xiaojian Wang, Chen Yu

Safety and Efficacy of Chloral Hydrate Sedation in Paediatric Sedation for Ophthalmic Procedures
Amy MH Chan, Geok Koon Tan, Huey Peng Loh, Sock Huang Lim, Audrey WL Chia

Hearing Loss amongst the Elderly in a Southeast Asian Population – A Community-based Study
Jek Chong Lee, Adrian Noel Danker, Yu Han Wong, Ming Yann Lim

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
Drug Eluting Stents in Infrapopliteal Arterial Disease: A Pilot Safety Study in an Asian Population
Karthikeyan Damodharan, Ankur Patel, Farah Gillan Irani, Mark Christiaan Burgmans, Apoorva Gogna, Kiang Hiong Tay, Richard HG Lo, Chow Wei Too, Sum Leong, Nanda Venkatanarasimha, Shaun Chan, Hlaing Hlaing Win, Chandramohan Sivanathan, Bien Soo Tan

A Case Report of Clear Cell Papulosis and a Review of the Literature
Dingyuan Wang, Madeline SL Ho, Mark JA Koh, Yoke Chin Giam

Acquired Platelet Dysfunction with Eosinophilia or Idiopathic Purpura with Grey Platelets?
Anselm CW Lee