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"The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp."

John Berry (1635 – 1689)
British soldier

Vol. 44 No. 3 March 2015
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PDF format articles Editorial
Emergency Medicine Residency Programme in Singapore—Where Are We at Since Inception?
Li Lee Peng, Shirley BS Ooi

PDF format articles Original Articles
Are Medical Students’ Views of an Ideal Physician Eroding? A Study on Perceived Qualities of a “Role Model” Doctor Before and After Housemanship and between Two Cohorts Five Years Apart
Gerald CH Koh, John KC Tam, Jeremy NE Lee, Neelima Agrawal, Dow Rhoon Koh, Dujeepa Samarasekera, Chay Hoon Tan

An Analysis of Blinding Success in a Randomised Controlled Trial of Fish Oil Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Jean CJ Liu, Adrian Raine, Rebecca P Ang, Daniel SS Fung

Assessment of Age in Ulcerative Colitis Patients with Ileal Pouch Creation—An Evaluation of Outcomes
Ker Kan Tan, Ragavan Manoharan, Saissan Rajendran, Praveen Ravindran, Christopher J Young

PDF format articles Commentary
Competency-based Radiology Residency: A Survey of Expectations from Singapore’s Perspective
Hui Yang, Colin JX Tan, Doreen AH Lau, Winston EH Lim, Kiang Hiong Tay, Pin Lin Kei

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
Severe Vitamin B12 Deficiency in a 7-Month-Old Boy
Michelle LN Tan, Mei Ching Goh, Kristy XH Fu, Marion HY Aw, Seng Hock Quak, Denise LM Goh

Acute Onset Polyarthritis with Pitting Edema: Is it RS3PE?
Ankur N Varshney, Nilesh Kumar, Nand K Singh

PDF format articles Images in Medicine
Chest Pain, Something is Not Right…Or Left
Wen Ruan, Aaron SL Wong, Swee Yaw Tan, Ru San Tan, Chee Tang Chin