Reproduced with permission from:
Hu Min Sheng

“Here comes a pair of very strange beasts, which in all tongues are called fools”

As You Like It (1599) act 5, scene 4, line 60
William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Playwright

Vol 40 No. 2 February 2011
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PDF format articles Editorial
World Cancer Day 2011 – A World without Cancer One Day?
Han Chong Toh

PDF format articles Original Articles
Asian Adaptation and Validation of an English Version of the Multiple Sclerosis International Quality of Life Questionnaire (MusiQoL)
Julian Thumboo, Alvin Seah, Chong Tin Tan, Bhim S Singhal, Benjamin Ong

Normative Data for Quantitative Calcaneal Ultrasound in Asian Children
Siok Ying Goh, Jedeane Mendoza Aragon, Yung Seng Lee, Kah Yin Loke

The Contribution of Rapid Intraoperative Cytology in the Evaluation of Endometrial Cancer Spread
Panagiotis Anastasiadis, Nikoleta Koutlaki, Vasilios Liberis, Panagiotis Tsikouras, Marina Dimitraki, Anastasios Liberis, George Galazios

A 5-year Retrospective Review of Asian Ectropion: How Does It Compare to Ectropion Amongst Non-Asians?
Jocelyn Chua, Chai Teck Choo, Lay Leng Seah, Kee Siew Fong, Soon Phaik Chee, Chin Tek Chuah, Audrey Looi

Hormone Receptors and HER-2 Status as Surrogates for Breast Cancer Molecular Subtypes Prognosticate for Disease Control in Node Negative Asian Patients Treated with Breast Conservation Therapy
Fuh Yong Wong, Francis KC Chin, Kuo Ann Lee, Yoke Lim Soong, Eu Tiong Chua

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
A Case of Acute Methotrexate Toxicity
Ki Wei Tan, Yong Kwang Tay

Right Atrial Mass: A Diagnostic Dilemma
Abdur Baig, Sonia Borra, Norbert Moskovits, Adnan Sadiq, Manfred Moskovits

Repeat Transoesophageal Echocardiogram is Recommended in Endocarditis Patients with Paravalvular Oedema Despite Sensitivity to Antibiotics and Improving Parameters
Michael Liang, Gerard Devlin, Dilesh Jogia

Verrucous Carcinoma Arising in a Giant Condyloma Acuminata (Buschke-lowenstein Tumour): Ten-Year Follow-up
Ismail Yaman, Ali Dogan Bozdag, Hayrullah Derici, Tugrul Tansug, Enver Reyhan

Acquired Progressive Lymphangioma in a 75-year-old Man at the Site of Surgery 22 Years Previously
Philip L Tong, Trevor W Beer, Daniel Fick, Sujith P Kumarasinghe

The Treatment of Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea with Mandibular Advancement Appliance
Önder Öztürk, Süleyman Hakan Tuna, Ahmet Akkaya, Özkan Kiliç, Ünal Sahin