Vol 37 No. 12 Supplement December 2008
Improving Child Health through Universal Neonatal Screening

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Jiun Lee
Roy Joseph
Victor Samuel Rajadurai

Financial disclosure (by Dr Lee Jiun, Dr Roy Joseph and Dr Victor Samuel Rajadurai): We have no financial interests in all manuscripts published in the above-mentioned issue and certify that we have no affiliations with or financial involvement with any commercial organisation with direct financial interest in the subject or materials discussed in all manuscripts published in the above-mentioned issue.

PDF format articles Editorial
Neonatal Screening - A Global Perspective
Jiun Lee, Roy Joseph, Victor Samuel Rajadurai

PDF format articles Keynote Lecture
Improving Child Health - Newborn Screening for All?
Bridget Wilcken

PDF format articles Plenary Lectures
Towards Universal Newborn Screening in Developing Countries: Obstacles and the Way Forward
Carmencita David Padilla

Improved Health and Development of Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing following Early Intervention
Deborah Hayes

Newborn Screening in Japan: Restructuring for the New Era
Seiji Yamaguchi

Clinical Applications of Molecular Genetics: The Model of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
Kah Yin Loke

Considerations in Choosing Screening Conditions: One (US) Approach
Bradford L Therrell Jr

Diagnosis and Management Support for an Expanded Newborn Screening Programme
Janice M Fletcher

PDF format articles Oration
My Early Experiences in Establishing Neonatal Screening and the Reason for Regional Meetings of the International Society for Neonatal Screening
Hiroshi Naruse

PDF format articles Debates
Newborn Screening for all Identifiable Disorders with Tandem Mass Spectrometry is Cost Effective: Supporting Arguments
Bradford L Therrell Jr, Colleen Buechner

Newborn Screening for all Identifiable Disorders with Tandem Mass Spectrometry is Cost Effective: The Negative Case
Bridget Wilcken

Issues on Universal Screening for Galactosemia
Carmencita David Padilla, Stephen TS Lam

PDF format articles Symposia
Neuro-developmental Deficits in Early-treated Congenital Hypothyroidism
Roy Joseph

Eliminating Iodine Deficiency: Obstacles and Their Removal
Carmencita David Padilla, Carmelita Fagela-Domingo

Outcome of Early Cochlear Implantation
Wong-Kein Low, Mohamad Fahamy bin Iskandar, Gopal Krishna Sarepaka

Impact of the National Hearing Screening Programme in China
Wen-Ying Nie

Early Intervention for Hearing Impairment: Appropriate, Accessible and Affordable
Rachel Reyes

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Paediatric Hearing Loss: Programme at the Centre for Hearing Intervention and Language Development, National University Hospital, Singapore
Lynne HY Lim

Current Understanding of Auditory Neuropathy
Nem-Yun Boo

Establishing a Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
Sok-Bee Lim, Lourdes Mary Daniel

Spectrum of Inherited Metabolic Disorders in Malaysia
Meow Keong Thong, Zabedah Mohd Yunus

Disorders of the Carnitine Cycle and Detection by Newborn Screening
Bridget Wilcken

Fatty Acid Oxidation Defects
Denise LM Goh

Diagnosis of Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) Responsive Mild Phenylketonuria in Japan over the Past 10 Years
Haruo Shintaku, Misao Ohwada, Kikumaro Aoki, Teruo Kitagawa, Tsunekazu Yamano

Disorders of Vitamin B12 Metabolism Presenting Through Newborn Screening
Janice Fletcher

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency: Correlation between the Genotype, Biochemistry and Phenotype
Daisy KL Chan

External Quality Assurance Programme for Newborn Screening of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency
Szu-Hui Chiang, Mei-Ling Fan, Kwang-Jen Hsiao

Neuroblastoma Screening in Japan: Population-based Cohort Study and Future Aspects of Screening
Eiso Hiyama

Legal Issues in Neonatal Screening
J.Gerard Loeber

Inborn Errors of Metabolism Presenting as Neonatal Encephalopathy: Practical Tips for Clinicians
Ee Shien Tan

Financing Newborn Screening Systems: US Experience
Bradford L Therrell Jr

Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip: Universal or Selective Ultrasound Screening?
Jiun Lee

Minimising Harm from Newborn Screening Programmes
Dianne Webster

Newborn Screening in China: Phenylketonuria, Congenital Hypothyroidism and Expanded Screening
Xuefan Gu, Zhiguo Wang, Jun Ye, Lianshu Han, Wenjuan Qiu

Newborn Screening in Bangladesh
Mizanul Hasan, Nurun Nahar, Fauzia Moslem, Nargis Ara Begum

Newborn Screening in Pakistan - Lessons from a Hospital-based Congenital Hypothyroidism Screening Programme
Bushra Afroze, Khadija Nuzhat Humayun, Maqbool Qadir

Organising Services for IMD in Thailand: Twenty Years Experience
Pornswan Wasant

Outcome of Organic Acidurias in China
Yanling Yang, Zhang Yao, Jinqing Song, Yuki Hasegawa, Masahiko Kimura, Seiji Yamaguchi, Yuwu Jiang, Jiong Qin, Xiru Wu