Reproduced with permission from:
Hu Min Sheng

"Hope springs eternal in the human breast."

Alexander Pope (English poet), 1733

PDF format articles Editorial
Improving the End-of-Life Experience in Singapore: Building Capacity in Palliative Care Education and Research
Eric Finkelstein, Chetna Malhotra, Alethea CP Yee

PDF format articles Original Articles
Determinants of Health-Related Quality of Life Among Community Dwelling Elderly
Pradeep P George, Bee Hoon Heng, Lai Yin Wong, Charis WL Ng

Wake-up Stroke and Onset-to-door Duration Delays: Potential Future Indications for Reperfusion Therapy
Melissa SH Tan, Elaine SL Ang, Shu Swen Ho, Szu Chyi Ng, Loreto Talabucon, Fung Peng Woon, Deidre Anne De Silva

Normative Data for the Singapore English and Chinese SF-36 Version 2 Health Survey
Wei Ting Sow, Hwee Lin Wee, Yi Wu, E-Shyong Tai, Barbara Gandek, Jeannette Lee, Stefan Ma, Derrick Heng, Julian Thumboo

Surgical Outcome in Thoracolumbar Fractures Managed by Short-segment Pedicle Instrumentation
Min Yang, Guo Zheng Ding, Zhu Jun Xu

Effect of Using an Audiovisual CPR Feedback Device on Chest Compression Rate and Depth
Jeremy CP Wee, Mooppil Nandakumar, Yiong Huak Chan, Rowena SL Yeo, Kaldip Kaur, V Anantharaman, Susan Yap, Marcus EH Ong

Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty of Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis
Lee Lian Chew, Bien Soo Tan, Krishna Kumar, Maung Myint Htoo, Kok Seng Wong, Christopher WS Cheng, Terence KB Teo, Farah Gillani Irani, Hui Lin Choong, Kiang Hiong Tay

PDF format articles Review Article
Changing Landscape of Nursing Homes in Singapore: Challenges in the 21st Century
Gabriel HZ Wong, Philip LK Yap, Weng Sun Pang

PDF format articles Commentaries
Projecting the Number of Older Singaporeans with Activity of Daily Living Limitations Requiring Human Assistance Through 2030
James Thompson, Rahul Malhotra, Sean Love, Truls Ostbye, Angelique Chan, David Matchar

Early Influences in Childhood Obesity--Implications for Adult Metabolic Disease
Kah Yin Loke

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
A 58-year-old Woman with Dry Cough and Pulmonary Nodules
Gan Liang Tan, Angela Takano, Foong Koon Cheah, Richard HH Quek, Mariko SY Koh

Topical Papaverine as Rescue Therapy for Vasospasm Complicated by Unsecured Aneurysm
Adrian J Praeger, Philip M Lewis, Peter YK Hwang

Role of Multi-Detector Computed Tomography (MDCT) in Diagnosis of Pulmonary Artery Dissection: A Rare but Fatal Entity
Vikas Bhatia, Sanjiv Sharma, Prashant Panda, Ram Gopal Sood