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Vol. 41 No. 1 January 2012
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PDF format articles Editorial
Antimicrobial Stewardship: The Next Big Thing?
Sin Yew Wong, David Michael Allen

PDF format articles Original Articles
Two Strategies to Intensify Evidence-based Medicine Education of Undergraduate Students: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Hao Min Cheng, Fei Ran Guo, Teh Fu Hsu, Shao Yuan Chuang, Hung Tsang Yen, Fa Yauh Lee, Ying Ying Yang, Te Li Chen, Wen Shin Lee, Chiao Lin Chuang, Chen Huan Chen, Low Tone Ho

Surgical Hand Antisepsis–A Pilot Study comparing Povidone Iodine Hand Scrub and Alcohol-based Chlorhexidine Gluconate Hand Rub
Kah Weng Lai, Tun Lin Foo, Wilson Low, Ganesan Naidu

Melanoma: Differences between Asian and Caucasian Patients
Haur Yueh Lee, Wen Yee Chay, Mark BY Tang, Martin TW Chio, Suat Hoon Tan

2011 Young Surgeon's Award Winner: High Endothelial Venules: A Novel Prognostic Marker in Cancer Metastasis and the Missing Link?
Ser Yee Lee, Chao Nan Qian, Aik Seng Ooi, Peiyi Chen, Veronique KM Tan, Claramae S Chia, Jacqueline SG Hwang, Bin Tean Teh, Khee Chee Soo

PDF format articles Commentary
Guidelines for Antimicrobial Stewardship Training and Practice
Christine B Teng, Winnie Lee, Chay Leng Yeo, Siok Ying Lee, Tat Ming Ng, Siang Fei Yeoh, Wee Heng Lim, Andrea L Kwa, Koh Cheng Thoon, Say Tat Ooi, Thean Yen Tan, Li Yang Hsu, David C Lye, Maciej Piotr Chlebicki