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Victor Hugo (1802-65): French poet, playwright, and novelist

Reproduced with permission from:
Deidre De Silva


Vol 37 No 6 June 2008
Recurring Infectious Disease Themes:
Pandemic Influenza and Antimicrobial Drug Resistance (Part I)

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Guest Editors:

Kee Tai Goh, MD, MSc, FAMS
Vincent TK Chow, MD, PhD, FRCPath
Paul A Tambyah, FAMS, MBBS, DipABIM

PDF format articles Editorial
To Kill A Mocking Bird Flu?
Vincent TK Chow, Paul A Tambyah, Kee Tai Goh

PDF format articles Original Articles
Clinical and Epidemiological Features of Patients With Confirmed Avian Influenza Presenting to Sulianti Saroso Infectious Diseases Hospital,
Indonesia, 2005-2007

Sardikin Giriputro, Rismali Agus, Sri Sulastri, Dewi Murniati, Fitryani Darwis, IB Sila Wiweka, Adria Rusli, Sondang Sirait, Susi Marhaningtyas, Tuti Hendrawardati, Rinaldi, Tony Soetanto, Elly Deliana, Iman Firmansyah

A Cross-sectional Study of Primary-care Physicians in Singapore on Their Concerns and Preparedness for an Avian Influenza Outbreak
Teck Yee Wong, Gerald CH Koh, Seng Kwing Cheong, Meena Sundram, Kelvin Koh, Sin Eng Chia, David Koh

The Efficacy of Influenza Vaccination in Healthcare Workers in a Tropical Setting: A Prospective Investigator Blinded Observational Study
Si Wei Kheok, Chia Yin Chong, Grace McCarthy, Wai Yee Lim, Khean Teik Goh, Lubna Razak, Nancy SW Tee, Paul A Tambyah

PDF format articles Review Articles
Twentieth Century Influenza Pandemics in Singapore
Vernon J Lee, Chia Siong Wong, Paul A Tambyah, Jeffery Cutter, Mark I Chen, Kee Tai Goh

A Global Perspective on Avian Influenza
Adrian Ong, Mary Kindhauser, Ian Smith, Margaret Chan

Towards Mutual Trust, Transparency and Equity in Virus Sharing Mechanism: The Avian Influenza Case of Indonesia
Endang R Sedyaningsih, Siti Isfandari, Triono Soendoro, Siti Fadilah Supari

Avian Influenza and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness in Hong Kong
Ping Yan Lam

Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic in Singapore
Jeffery Cutter

Prevention and Control of Avian Influenza in Singapore
Hon Keong Leong, Cheryl S Goh, Siang Thai Chew, Chee Wee Lim, Yueh Nuo Lin, Siow Foong Chang, Him Hoo Yap, Sin Bin Chua

Vaccines for Pandemic Influenza. The History of our Current Vaccines, their Limitations and the Requirements to Deal with a Pandemic Threat
Alan W Hampson

Antiviral Drugs for the Control of Pandemic Influenza Virus
Richard J Sugrue, Boon-Huan Tan, Dawn SY Yeo, Richard Sutejo