While medicine is a science, in many particulars it cannot be exact, so baffling are the varying results of varying conditions of human life.
Charles H. Mayo

Reproduced with permission from:
Ek Khoon Tan


Vol 37 No 4 April 2008
Sports Medicine

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Guest Editors:
Benedict Tan, MBBS, DFD (CAW), MSpMed (Aust)
Jason KK Chia, MBBS, MSpMed (Aust)
Jit Kheng Lim, MBBS, FRCSEd (Orth) (UK), MSpMed (Aust)

PDF format articles Editorial
Sports Medicine
Benedict Tan, Jason KK Chia, Jit Kheng Lim

PDF format articles Original Articles
Dehydration Rates and Rehydration Efficacy of Water and Sports Drink During One Hour of Moderate Intensity Exercise in Well-trained Flatwater Kayakers
Jeremy MF Sun, Jason KK Chia, Abdul Rashid Aziz, Benedict Tan

Clinical Evaluation of Arthroscopic-assisted Allograft Meniscal Transplantation
Haw Chong Chang, Kai Lin Teh, Kah Lai Leong, Su Lian Mak, Sarina Abdul Karim

Return to Sports After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction – A Review of Patients with Minimum 5-year Follow-up
Dave YH Lee, Sarina Abdul Karim, Haw Chong Chang

Concurrent Validity of Power Output Derived from the Non-motorised Treadmill Test in Sedentary Adults
Michael Chia, Jamie M Lim

Effects of a 12-week Exercise Training Programme on Aerobic Fitness, Body Composition, Blood Lipids and C-Reactive Protein in Adolescents with Obesity
Patricia CH Wong, Michael YH Chia, Ian YY Tsou, Gervais KL Wansaicheong, Benedict Tan, John CK Wang, John Tan, Chung Gon Kim, Gerald Boh, Darren Lim

Triple Endobuttton Technique in Acromioclavicular Joint Reduction and Reconstruction
Yeow Wai Lim

Modelling Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Athletes: Allometric Scaling Versus Ratio-Scaling in Relation to Body Mass
Michael Chia, Abdul Rashid Aziz

Plasma Endotoxin and Immune Responses During a 21-km Road Race Under a Warm and Humid Environment
Qi Yin Ng, Kai Wei Lee, Christopher Byrne, Ting Fei Ho, Chin Leong Lim

Common Lower Limb Sport-related Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes
Leok Lim Lau, Arjandas Mahadev, James HP Hui

Recurrent Patellar Dislocation: Reappraising our Approach to Surgery
Andrew KS Lim, Haw Chong Chang, James HP Hui

PDF format articles Pictorial Essay
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Sports Injuries of the Knee
Sze Ying Lim, Wilfred CG Peh