We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails
- Bertha Calloway

Reproduced with permission from:

Tan Thong Meng
The Clipper 05-06 The Round The World Yacht Race


PDF format articles Editorial
Embryonic Stem Cells and Parkinson’s Disease: Cell Transplantation to Cell Therapy
Vanessa Jane Hall

PDF format articles Original Articles
Forty-one Cervicofacial Vascular Anomalies and Their Surgical Treatment – Retrospection and Review
Gavin CW Kang, Colin Song

Charity Colonoscopy Event to Commemorate the 185th Anniversary of Singapore General Hospital
Kheng Hong Ng, Jit Fong Lim, Kok Sun Ho, Boon Swee Ooi, Choong Leong Tang, Kong Weng Eu

Review of the Management Outcome of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis and the Role of Prophylactic Contra-lateral Pinning Re-examined
Yi Jia Lim, Khee Sien Lam, Eng Hin Lee

The Relation Between Insulin Resistance Determined by Haemostatic Modelling and Slow Coronary Flow
Zekeriya Nurkalem, Ahmet L Orhan, Ahmet T Alper, Huseyin Aksu, Murat Ozdamar, Nevzat Uslu, Sevket Gorgulu, Hakan Hasdemir, Mehmet Sargin, Mehmet Eren

Screening Tools for Bacteraemia in a Selected Population of Febrile Children
Hayri Levent Yilmaz, Riza Dincer Yildizdas, Nazan Alparslan, Kenan Ozcan, Akgun Yaman, Filiz Kibar

The Toxicity and Outcomes of Continuous 5-fluorouracil/Cisplatin-based Chemotherapy Followed by Chemoradiation in Patients with Resected High-risk Gastric Cancer: Results of a Single Institute
Rottenberg Yakir, Kadouri Luna, Wygoda Marc, Sella Tamar, Rivkind Avraham, Hubert Ayala

Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Approaches to Teaching and Assessing Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics in a Problem-based Learning Course
Samy A Azer, Albert G Frauman

PDF format articles Review Articles
Current Understanding of the Treatment and Outcome of Acute Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma: An Asian Perspective
Leslie PS Ang, Leonard PK Ang

Care of Women in Menopause: Sexual Function, Dysfunction and Therapeutic Modalities
Citra Nurfarah Mattar, Yap Seng Chong, Lin Lin Su, Anupriya Aditya Agarwal, PC Wong, Mahesh Choolani

PDF format articles Viewpoint
Fitness to Work: Legal Pitfalls
See Muah Lee, David Koh

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
Successful Surgical Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma With Calvarial Metastases
Abdullah Altintas, Timucin Cil, Semir Pasa, Ilhan Kilinc, Abdurrahman Isikdogan

A Case of Myopericarditis in a Patient with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Community-acquired Pneumonia
Yian-Ping Lee, Wai-Han Hoi, Raymond CC Wong

Non-compaction Cardiomyopathy Presenting with Classical Angina Pectoris
Yian-Ping Lee, Adrian F Low, Lieng H Ling

Renal Cell Carcinoma Bony Metastasis Treatment
Saminathan Suresh Nathan, Chin Tat Lim, Benjamin YS Chuah, Thomas C Putti, Anthony J Stanley, Alvin SC Wong

Advanced Burkitt’s Lymphoma Presenting With Jejunal Perforation
Jaideepraj Rao, Kwang Chear Lee, Lester Chan, Khoon Leong Chuah, Ming Terk Chiu

Erysipelothrix rhuseopathiae Septicaemia With Prolonged Hypotension: A Case Report
Soondal Koomar Surrun, Fazlur Rehman Jaufeerally, HC James Sim

Pericardial Thymoma: An Unusual Cause of Sudden Death
Nursel Turkmen, Bulent Eren, Nil Comunoglu, Recep Fedakar, Berna Senel

PDF format articles Cum Grano Salis
The Tao of Bao: A Randomised Controlled Trial Examining the Effect of Steamed Bun Consumption on Night-Call Inpatient Course and Mortality
Min-Han Tan, Ziying Lee, Beatrice Ng, Eng Swen Sim, Ying Ying Chua, Mark Tien, Choon Jin Ooi