The painting is called “Starlighters”, it is mixed media and acrylic on canvas, and the dimensions are 80cm x 140cm. The painter’s name is Mariann Johansen-Ellis, and she hails from Denmark. She has illustrated children’s books as well as painting and printing.

“My work is about pleasure, the pleasure of the unexpected, the undiscovered, the things that remind you that life is simple- even though sometimes tinged with sadness or regret, it is still about the dreams and the feelings that we all share, no matter how different we think we are.

In a world that constantly changes I feel that happiness is a commodity in shorter and shorter supply and if I can, by using touches of humour in my work, make you smile, and open your heart to these pleasures, I have been successful.”

Reproduced with permission from: Red Sea Gallery


Vol 37 No 2 February 2008
Bridging the Gap between Primary and Specialist Care

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PDF format articles Editorial
Bridging the Gap between Primary and Specialist Care: Formidable Challenges Ahead
Gerald CH Koh, Jeremy FY Lim

PDF format articles Original Articles
Public Perceptions of Healthcare in Singapore
Jeremy FY Lim, Veena Dhanajay Joshi

Concerns, Perceived Impact and Preparedness in an Avian Influenza Pandemic – a Comparative Study between Healthcare Workers in Primary and Tertiary Care
Teck Yee Wong, Gerald CH Koh, Seng Kwing Cheong, Heow Yong Lee, Yuke Tien Fong, Meena Sundram, Kelvin Koh, Sin Eng Chia, David Koh

Pattern and Outcome of Subsidised Referrals to Cardiology Specialist Outpatient Clinics
Bernard WK Kwok, Hak Chiaw Tang, Shiou Liang Wee, Virginia UM Tai, Caren GP Tan, Terrance SJ Chua

Consequences of Right Siting of Endocrinology Patients – A Financial and Caseload Simulation
Jeremy FY Lim, Darren MH Tan, Andrew L Lee

Impact of the Singapore National Asthma Program (SNAP) on Preventor-Reliever Prescription Ratio in Polyclinics
Phui Nah Chong, Ngiap Chuan Tan, Tow Keang Lim

PDF format articles Commentaries
Bridging the Gap Between Primary and Specialist Care – An Integrative Model for Stroke
Narayanaswamy Venketasubramanian, Yan Hoon Ang, Bernard PL Chan, Parvathi Chan, Bee Hoon Heng, Keng He Kong, Nanda Kumari, Linda LH Lim, Jonathan SK Phang, Matthias PHS Toh, Sutrisno Widjaja, Loong Mun Wong, Ann Yin, Jason Cheah

Providing Integrated Mental Health Services in the Singapore Primary Care Setting – the General Practitioner Psychiatric Programme Experience
Alvin WM Lum, Kian Woon Kwok, Siow Ann Chong

Family Medicine Education in Singapore: A Long-standing Collaboration between Specialists and Family Physicians
Teck Yee Wong, Gerald CH Koh, Eng Hin Lee, Seng Kwing Cheong, Lee Gan Goh

Medication Use in the Transition from Hospital to Home
Yvette M Cua, Sunil Kripalani

Internationally, it is Time to Bridge the Gap between Primary and Secondary Healthcare Services for the Dying
Scott A Murray, Jaan Yang Kok

The Hospitalist Movement – A Complex Adaptive Response to Fragmentation of Care in Hospitals
Kheng Hock Lee

Improving Access to Outpatient Cardiac Care at the National Heart Centre – A Partnership Between Specialists and Primary Care
Shiou Liang Wee, Bernard WK Kwok, Chee-Beng Tan, Terrance SJ Chua

Bridging the Gap between Occupational Medicine and Family Medicine
Judy Sng, See Muah Lee, David Koh