Reproduced with permission from: Carol Tang

The immunofluorescence pictures show a mix of brain tumour stem cells and progenitors isolated from a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) sample. Nestin expression marks neural precursors. Musashi-1 is a marker for self-renewal, the ability to propagate itself. CD133 is currently the only known marker for brain tumour stem cells. CD133-expressing cells have been shown to initiate and sustain glioma xenografts in immunocompromised mouse models. (Blue staining marks nuclei.)

Vol 36 No 5 May 2007

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PDF format articles Editorial
Neuro-oncology at the Crossroads
Wai-Hoe Ng, Siew-Ju See

PDF format articles Original Articles
Multivoxel MR Spectroscopic Imaging - Distinguishing Intracranial Tumours from Non-neoplastic Disease
Veena Arpit Nagar, Jieru Ye, Maosheng Xu, Wai-Hoe Ng, Tseng-Tsai Yeo, Peck-Leong Ong, CC Tchoyoson Lim

Epidemiology, Management and Treatment Outcome of Medulloblastoma in Singapore
Mei-Yoke Chan, Wan-Yee Teo, Wan-Tew Seow, Ah-Moy Tan

Anaesthetic Management of Awake Craniotomy for Tumour Resection
Jee-Jian See, Thomas WK Lew, Tong-Kiat Kwek, Ki-Jinn Chin, Mary FM Wong, Qui-Yin Liew, Siew-Hoon Lim, Hwee-Shih Ho, Yeow Chan, Genevieve PY Loke, Vincent ST Yeo

Awake Craniotomy Under Local Anaesthesia and Monitored Conscious Sedation for Resection of Brain Tumours in Eloquent Cortex - Outcomes in 20 Patients
David Low, Ivan Ng, Wai-Hoe Ng

Optimising Radiation Therapy Techniques for Tumours of the Central Nervous System
Michael F Back, Shaun Baggarley, Eileen Park, Ren Wei

Improved Median Survival for Glioblastoma Multiforme Following Introduction of Adjuvant Temozolomide Chemotherapy
Michael F Back, Emily LL Ang, Wai-Hoe Ng, Siew-Ju See, CC Tchoyoson Lim, SP Chan, Tseng-Tsai Yeo

Salvage Chemotherapy in Progressive High-grade Astrocytoma
Siew-Ju See, Albert Ty, Meng-Cheong Wong

Improvements in Quality of Care Resulting From a Formal Multidisciplinary Tumour Clinic in the Management of High-grade Glioma
Michael F Back, Emily LL Ang, Wai-Hoe Ng, Siew-Ju See, Lim CC Tchoyoson, Lee-Lee Tay, Tseng-Tsai Yeo

PDF format articles Review Articles
Insights into the Cancer Stem Cell Model of Glioma Tumorigenesis
Carol Tang, Constance LM Chua, Beng-Ti Ang

The Role of Surgery in High-grade Glioma - Is Surgical Resection Justified? A Review of the Current Knowledge
Boon-Chuan Pang, Wei-Hwang Wan, Cheng-Kiang Lee, Kathleen Joy Khu, Wai-Hoe Ng

Chemotherapy in Adults with Gliomas
Siew-Ju See, Mark R Gilbert