Galaxy in My Eye

Inspired by her visual experience during cataract surgery under topical anaesthesia

Reproduced with permission from:
Marjorie Chu

Vol 36 (Suppl) No 10 October 2007

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PDF format articles Editorial
Prevention of Blindness in Singapore: No Room for Complacency
Kah-Guan Au Eong, Chee-Chew Yip

PDF format articles Articles

3rd Victor Yong Lecture – Retinal and Cardiovascular Diseases: The “Common Soil” Theory
Tien Y Wong

The Emerging Challenge of Age-related Eye Diseases in Singapore
Deborah HL Ng, Tiakumzuk Sangtam, Kah-Guan Au Eong

Age-related Macular Degeneration: An Asian Perspective
Tock-Han Lim, Augustinus Laude

The Role of Muller’s Muscle-Conjunctiva Resection (MCR) in the Treatment of Ptosis
Chee-Chew Yip, Fong-Yee Foo

The Role of Advancement Flaps in Peri-ocular Reconstructive Surgery
Augustinus Laude, Chee-Chew Yip

Current Biologic Agents in the Treatment of Uveitis
Melissa C Tien, Stephen CB Teoh

Prophylaxis Against Endopthalmitis in Cataract Surgery
Colin SH Tan

Is There a Role for Nutritional Supplements in Dry Eye?
Sanjay Srinivasan, Chee-Chew Yip

Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation: An Overview and Asian Perspective
E-Shawn Goh, Boon-Ang Lim, Leonard Yip

Recent Developments of Informed Consent in Eye Research
Catherine SK Tay

Art and the Eye: The Impact of Ocular Pathology on Their Artistic Legacy
E-Shawn Goh, Wan Lin Teo

Report of the National Myopia Prevention and Control Workgroup 2006: A Summary
Seo-Wei Leo, Yvonne Ling, Tien-Yin Wong, Boon-Long Quah

Vision Restoration Therapy: New Hope for Stroke Patients with Visual Field Loss
Kong-Yong Goh

PDF format articles Abstracts

The Eye Institute–Bausch & Lomb Research Prize: Advanced Specialist Trainees or Clinical Fellows

The Eye Institute–Allergan Research Prize: Basic Specialist Trainees

The Eye Institute–Hoya Research Prize: Students or Paramedical Staff

The Eye Institute–Novartis Research Prize: Non-Trainee Doctors (House Officers, Medical Officers, Service Registrars or Research Fellows) or TEI Research Collaborators

The Eye Institute–Alcon Research Prize: Specialist Doctors (Associate Consultants, Consultants or Visiting Consultants)