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Vol 35 No. 9 September 2006
Medical Education

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PDF format articles Editorial
Curriculum TIPS For All of Us
Hoon-Eng Khoo, Zubair Amin, Yap-Seng Chong

PDF format articles Original Articles
Computer-based Versus Pen-and-paper Testing: Students' Perception
Erle CH Lim, Benjamin KC Ong, Einar PV Wilder-Smith, Raymond CS Seet

Constructing Multiple Choice Questions as a Method for Learning
Edward Palmer, Peter Devitt

Leadership and Professionalism Curriculum in the Gross Anatomy Course
Wojciech Pawlina, Michael J Hromanik, Tia R Milanese, Ross Dierkhising, Thomas R Viggiano, Stephen W Carmichael

Evidence-based Medicine in Clinical Curriculum
Samkaew Wanvarie, Boonmee Sathapatayavongs, Sayomporn Sirinavin, Atiporn Ingsathit, Artit Ungkanont, Chomchaba Sirinan

The Impact of Experiential Learning on NUS Medical Students: Our Experience With Task Trainers and Human-patient Simulation
Lian-Kah Ti, Gee-Mei Tan, Sabrina Gwendolyn MY Khoo, Fun-Gee Chen

An Online Evaluation of Problem-based Learning (PBL) in Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan - A Pilot Study
Jia-Yuh Chen, Meng-Chih Lee, Hong-Shan Lee, Yeou-Chih Wang, Long-Yau Lin, Jen-Hung Yang

A Simple Instrument for the Assessment of Student Performance in Problem-based Learning Tutorials
Si-Mui Sim, Nor Mohd Adnan Azila, Lay-Hoong Lian, Christina PL Tan, Nget-Hong Tan

A Problem-Based Learning Pathway for Medical Students: Improving the Process Through Action Research
W Richard Chegwidden

PDF format articles Review Articles
Curricular Trends in Malaysian Medical Schools: Innovations Within
Nor Mohd Adnan Azila, Jaafar Rogayah, Zabidi Azhar Mohd Hussin Zabidi-Hussin

The Feminist Approach in the Decision-making Process for Treatment of Women With Breast Cancer
Ewa Szumacher

PDF format articles Commentary
Student Academic Committees: An Approach to Obtain Students' Feedback
Dujeepa D Samarasekera, Indika M Karunathilake, Ranjan Dias