Reproduced with permission from:
Dr. Lim Chuen Hian

4th Anniversary of the Collapse of the World Trade Center: Let Us Learn From This
At such moments, you realize that you and the other are, in fact, one. It's a big realization. Survival is the second law of life. The first is that we are all one. – Joseph Campbell

Vol 34 No. 8 September 2005
Special Theme: Medical Education

Guest Editors:
Z Amin MBBS, MHPE, YS Chong MBBS, MRACOG, FAMS, HE Khoo BA, PhD, Dipl. Med Edu

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PDF format articles Editorial
Towards Better Practices in Medical Student Assessment
Z Amin, YS Chong, HE Khoo

PDF format articles Theme Papers
What do You Mean by "Satisfactory"?
W Crebbin

Critiques on the Objective Structured Clinical Examination
A Barman

Standards Medical Students Set for Themselves when Preparing for the Final MBBS Examination
MP Senanayake, DSG Mettananda

Assessing Professionalism in Early Medical Education: Experience with Peer Evaluation and Self-evaluation in the Gross Anatomy Course
RE Bryan, AJ Krych, SW Carmichael, TR Viggiano, W Pawlina

Facilitation of Studentsí Discussion in Problem-based Learning Tutorials to Create Mechanisms: The Use of Five Key Questions
Samy A Azer

An Intelligent Tutoring System for Trauma Management (Trauma-Teach): A Preliminary Report
LS Ong, A Vijayan, CS Koh, CC Lai, CW Lim, WF Loke, SH Low, KY Tang, FL Wong, KL Yong

The Effect of a Clinical Posting in Psychiatry on the Attitudes of Medical Students Towards Psychiatry and Mental Illness in a Malaysian Medical School
JP Reddy, SMK Tan, MT Azmi, MH Shaharom, R Rosdinom, T Maniam, ZZ Ruzanna, IH Minas

Portfolio as a Learning Tool: Studentsí Perspective
S Elango, RC Jutti, LK Lee

Definitions and Goals of "Self-directed Learning" in Contemporary Medical Education Literature
N Ainoda, H Onishi, Y Yasuda

Addressing Issues of Maldistribution of Health Care Workers
B Salafsky, M Glasser, J Ha