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Centenary of the Faculty of Medicine and the National University of Singapore 1905 – 2005

Vol 34 No. 6 July 2005 A Century of Medical & University Education in Singapore (1905-2005)

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The Founding of the Medical School in Singapore in 1905
YK Lee

Milestones of the Medical School and Medical Progress of Singapore over the Past 100 years
BY Ng, JS Cheah

The First Graduates in 1910
JS Cheah, TM Ho, BY Ng

Benjamin Henry Sheares, MD, MS, FRCOG: President, Republic of Singapore 1971-1981; Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 1931-1981 A Biography, 12th August 1907-12th May 1981
JHH Sheares

The Singapore Years and Subsequently
M Mahathir

A Doctor's Duty is to Heal the Unhealthy: The Story of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
HT Ong

The 1926 General Hospital, Singapore
YK Lee

The History of the College of Medicine and Tan Teck Guan Buildings
ES Teo

The Teaching of Anatomy: The First Hundred Years (1905-2005)
WC Wong, SSW Tay

Teaching Biochemistry to Medical Students in Singapore – From Organic Chemistry to Problem-based Learning
HE Khoo

One Hundred Years of Physiology Education in Singapore
SC Hooi, DR Koh

The Teaching of Pathology
SM Chong

The Early Years of Pathology as a Specialty in Singapore
YK Lee

The Evolution of Teaching and Learning Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at NUS
MB Taylor, VTK Chow

Teaching Community, Occupational and Family Medicine at the National University of Singapore: Past, Present and Future
ML Wong, D Koh, KH Phua, HP Lee

One Hundred Years of the Teaching of Medicine in Singapore

The History of Surgical Teaching and the Department of Surgery
WK Cheah, JR Isaac

The Teaching of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Singapore from 1905 to the Present
K Singh, EL Yong, PC Wong

Paediatrics in Singapore: The Early Days
SH Quak

One Hundred Years of Orthopaedic Education in Singapore
W Wang, EH Lee, HK Wong

History of Psychiatric Education in Singapore
EH Kua

The Teaching of Anaesthesia in Singapore
EHC Liu, TL Lee

The Teaching of Radiology

Selection of Medical Students in Singapore: A Historical Perspective
PA Tambyah

A Century of Medical Students' Activities (Medical College Union/Medical Society)
SW Low, WT Gan, WK Tan

The Medical Students' Society and Medical Students' Publications
KH Lim

King Edward VII Hall of Residence – A Link with the Medical School Since 1916
HP Lee

The NUS MBBS-PhD Programme: Nurturing Clinician-Scientists for Tomorrow
SC Hooi, DR Koh, VTK Chow

The Future of Medical Education: The Second 100 Years
JEL Wong

Should Singapore have a Second Medical School?
PLH Hwang

Singapore's Proposed Graduate Medical School – An Expensive Medical Tutorial College or An Opportunity for Transforming Singapore Medicine?
KC Soo

Postgraduate Medical Education and Specialist Training in Singapore
CH Chew, YC Chee

The Medical Alumni Story
KH Lim

Dental Education in Singapore - From the Past to the Future
KBC Tan, SB Keng

Battle at River Sars
KT Woo