Reproduced with permission from: Taksu
Artist: Jan Wisse
Medium: Oil on panel & aluminum
Size: Ø 27.5cm
Origin of artist: Netherlands

In Dreams I Float, 2000

We read meaning in the expression of the human face.
Then, how much of what we read is affected by other elements,
how much do these other elements evoke to us?

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After the Indian Ocean Tsunami: Singapore's Contribution to the International Disaster Victim Identification Effort in Thailand
G Lau, WF Tan, PH Tan

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Grief Revisited

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Review of Children Hospitalised for Ingestion and Poisoning at a Tertiary Centre
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SC Tay, LC Teoh, FC Yong, SH Tan

Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy followed by Surgery in Locally Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oesophagus: A Single Centre Experience
NS Wong, KF Foo, D Poon, SS Leong, WK Wong, HS Chan, KC Soo, SP Yap, J Wee, YB Cheung, EH Tan

Latex Sensitisation in Healthcare Workers in Singapore
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Computer-assisted Navigational Surgery Enhances Safety in Dental Implantology
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Cyclosporin-induced Sebaceous Hyperplasia in Renal Transplant Patients
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Cavitating Cryptococcal Pneumonia in the Immunocompetent Host
MS Koh, BH Tan, A Kurup, AAL Hsu, P Eng

An Unusual Presentation of a Giant Frontal Sinus Mucocele Manifesting with a Subcutaneous Forehead Mass
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2nd FY Khoo Memorial Lecture: Brachytherapy – One Man's Meat, A Personal Journey in Radiation Oncology
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