Reproduced with permission from:
Wetterling Teo Gallery

It is often said that minimalism is sometimes the best way to put across a complex theme in its most powerful capacity. This is truly indicative in all James Robertson's works, in which a single subject forms the sole depiction against a simple backdrop of blue skies and lush pastures.

The result of such lone portrayal in the midst of an expanse is that of a starkness that almost immediately captures the viewer's attention and feeds on a curiosity to scrutinize the bareness of the painting. Just as one attempts in futility to search for a resonance in the seemingly empty vastness, the artists cleverly draws the viewer's interest with the focal subject in the likes a dog behind a mailbox ('Ambush'), man and child ('Cloud Watchers'), or man with a broken-down vehicle ('Last Legs').

In 'The Review', the focal point lies in the bald man with sunglasses, totally engrossed in reading the newspaper, in the most unlikely places of all, an unobscured open space where nothing stands between the man and his good read; where the horizon represents the infinite boundaries of knowledge. Which makes the viewer wonder about the good read, the review as the painting is aptly titled. The nondescript appearance of the man doing something ordinary in the midst of the expanse accentuates the unambiguous reality of the painting, yet so intensely put across the harshness of the focus. If blue skies are the limits to which the artist aims to portray his brilliance, then the viewer's wonderment from the painting could well be unrestrained by the same limitless vastness.

Vol 34 No. 2, March 2005
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