Vol 33 No. 6, November 2004
SPECIAL THEME: Selected Lectures of the 38th Singapore-Malaysia Congress of Medicine

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A Fresh Start

PDF format articles Selected Lectures
17th Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration: Patient-centred Professionalism
D Irvine

2004 Runme Shaw Memorial Lecture: Professionalism – A Concept in Need of Nurturing
JWD McDonald

The Challenge of Teaching Professionalism
G Beauchamp

Teaching and Learning of Professionalism in Medical Schools
N Sivalingam

Continuing Professional Development – A Surrogate for Recertification?
GWK Tang

Standards and Revalidation or Recertification
D Irvine

15th Chapter of Surgeons Lecture: Surgeon of the New Millennium – Surgeon, Scientist and Scholar
SK Tan

1st College of Physicians Lecture: The Role of Internal Medicine as a Specialty in the Era of Subspecialisation
YC Chee

Address by Master, Academy of Medicine, Singapore at the Opening Ceremony of the 38th Singapore-Malaysia Congress of Medicine and Induction Ceremony
CH Low

Citation on Sir Donald Irvine – 17th Gordon Arthur Ransome Orator

Citation on Dr Andrew Chew Guan Kuan for Admission to Honorary Fellowship on 19 August 2004
YC Chee

Inaugural College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists Lecture: Recent Developments in Obstetric Care and Maternal Fetal Medicine in Singapore

PDF format articles Free Papers

Post-SARS Psychological Morbidity and Stigma Among General Practitioners and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Singapore
S Verma, S Mythily, YH Chan, JP Deslypere, EK Teo, SA Chong

A Clinical Audit of Presentation and Outcome of Salmonella Septicaemia
AG Habib

Morbidity and Significant Bacteriuria after Urodynamic Studies
P Quek, LH Tay

Oropharyngeal Carriage and Penicillin Resistance of Neisseria meningitidis in Primary School Children in Manisa, Turkey
H Gazi, S Surucuoglu, B Ozbakkaloglu, S Akcali, N Ozkutuk, K Degerli, S Kurutepe

Seasonal Variations of Clinical and Biochemical Parameters in Chronic Haemodialysis
V Kovacic, V Kovacic

Spironolactone Does Not Prevent Restenosis After Coronary Stenting in Humans
H Kursaklioglu, A Iyisoy, B Amasyali, T Celik, C Ozturk, S Kose, E Isik

Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) Through the Decades A Comparison of Results Over the Last Thirty Years in a Single Institution in Asia
KB Lim, MYC Wong, KT Foo

Evaluation of a Bedside Test for Phosphorylated Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-1 in Preterm Labour
K Kwek, C Khi, HS Ting, GSH Yeo

A Review: The Location, Molecular Characterisation and Multipotency of Hair Follicle Epidermal Stem Cells
DR Ma, EN Yang, ST Lee

Characteristics of Six Newborn Infants with Postnatal Findings of Severe Intracranial Haemorrhage
JPL Wong, WT Seow, GSH Yeo

A Case of Recurrent Erythema Multiforme and its Therapeutic Complications
P Sen, SH Chua

Inflammatory Fibroid Polyp of the Caecum in a Patient with Neurofibromatosis
C Ng, KY Lam, TS Gupta, YH Ho

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