Vol 32 No. 5, September 2003

Guest Editor:
A Ilancheran FAMS, M Med, FRCOG
T C Chang FAMS, MD (Lond), FRCOG

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PDF format articles Theme Papers
CPD Paper 1: Should Doctors Perform an Elective Caesarean Section on Request?
K Devendra, S Arulkumaran

CPD Paper 2: Screening for Chromosomal Anomalies: First or Second Trimester, Biochemical or Ultrasound?
T Stojilkovic-Mikic, C H Rodeck

CPD Paper 3: Human Papillomavirus Triage of Patients with Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance on Cervical Papanicolaou Smear
T O Kirby, W K Huh, E E Partridge

CPD Paper 4: Fetal Cells in Maternal Blood: State of the Art for Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis
S S Y Ho, K O'Donoghue, M Choolani

CPD Paper 5: Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy in the Asymptomatic Postmenopausal Woman: What is the Current Evidence?
F H Loh

CPD Paper 6: Investigating the Infertile Couple
S L Yu, C Yap

CPD Paper 7: Contemporary Management of Fibroids
S Nair

CPD Paper 8: The Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill in Women Over Age Forty
M T Wong, K Singh

Quality Control Assurance in National Screening Programmes for Cervical Cancer
R J Hadwin, P G Walker

PDF format articles Free Papers
Audit of 'Crash' Emergency Caesarean Sections Due to Cord Prolapse in Terms of Response Time and Perinatal Outcome
W C Tan, L K Tan, H K Tan, A S A Tan

Idiopathic Chronic Fetomaternal Haemorrhage Resulting in Hydrops A Case Report
M S K Lau, J V K Tan, T Y T Tan, J M Gomez, G S H Yeo

A Case Series of Pre-Viable Severe Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome
H Y Wee, T Y T Tan, P C Khoo, P Agarwal, G S H Yeo

A Case Series of Gastrointestinal Abnormalities in Fetuses with Echogenic Bowel Detected During the Antenatal Period
H H Tan, V C Tan, G S H Yeo

Severe Newborn Encephalopathy Unrelated to Intrapartum Hypoxic Events: 3 Case Reports
T C Tan, T Y T Tan, K Y C Kwek, J C S Tee, V S Rajadurai, G S H Yeo

Pregnancy Following Embolisation of Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation A Case Report
Y N Chia, C Yap, B S Tan

Bowel Surgery for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer An Early Case Series
Y N Chia, E H Tay, D M O Cheong, K W Eu, J Low, T H Ho, K L Yam

FIGO Stage 1B2 Cervical Carcinoma The KK Women's and Children's Hospital Experience
C C C Han, J J H Low, R Yeo, K M Lee, H S Khoo-Tan, E H Tay, K L Yam, T H Ho

Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma of the Uterus: Surgico-Pathological Correlations and Role of Pelvic Lymphadenectomy
J J Chee, T H Ho, E H Tay, J J H Low, K L Yam

Public Disclosure of Healthcare Performance Information and its Application to the Singapore Context
Y H Loh

Validity and Reliability of the EQ-5D Self-report Questionnaire in Chinese-speaking Patients with Rheumatic Diseases in Singapore
N Luo, L H Chew, K Y Fong, D R Koh, S C Ng, K H Yoon, S Vasoo, S C Li, J Thumboo

Critically Ill Elderly Who Require Mechanical Ventilation: The Effects of Age on Survival Outcomes and Resource Utilisation in the Medical Intensive Care Unit of a General Hospital
E Y Tang, L F Hsu, K N Sin Fai Lam, W S Pang

Emergency Department Usage by Community Step-Down Facilities Patterns and Recommendations
S W Lee, C Goh, Y H Chan

A Case of Penicillamine-induced Dermopathy
M B Y Tang, T M Chin, C K Yap, S K Ng

Primary Meningococcal Arthritis and Endogenous Endophthalmitis: A Case Report
Y K Cheng, S W Leo, C J Edwards, E T Koh

From Genesis to Genes
S K Tan