Vol 32 No. 6, November 2003

Guest Editor:
W S Pang FAMS, FRCP (Edin)
P W J Choo FAMS, FRCP (Edin), FRCP (Glas)

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PDF format articles Theme Papers
Aged Care Services in Singapore An Overview
Y Y Sitoh

Aged Care Issues and Services in Australia
I D Cameron

The Development of Geriatric Psychiatry Services in Singapore
L L Ng

Urinary Incontinence in Older Persons: A Simple Approach to a Complex Problem
T L Tan

An Evidence-based Clinical Approach to the Diagnosis of Dementia
M S Chong, S Sahadevan

Assessing Decision-making Capacity in Dementia Patients: A Semi-structured Approach
S Sahadevan, J J Chin, M N M Yap, O E Yeoh

Neurofibrillary and Ethico-legal Tangles: In Search of Surrogates for Dementia Patients Lacking Decision-making Capacity and Relatives
J J Chin, S Sahadevan

Late-life Depression: Current Issues and New Challenges
P S Ong

Considerations in the Assessment and Management of Older People with Chronic Pain
I Y O Leong, R D Helme

A Palliative Care Approach to End-stage Neurodegenerative Conditions
J A Low, W S Pang, D K Y Chan, R Chye

End-of-life Care: Challenges and Obligations in Setting Limits to Life-sustaining Therapy
A O K Lee

Bedside Clinical Methods Useful as Screening Test for Aspiration in Elderly Patients with Recent and Previous Strokes
M S Chong, P K Lieu, Y Y Sitoh, Y Y Meng, L P Leow

Nursing Home Falls: A Local Perspective
L K P Yap, S Y L Au, Y H Ang, C H Ee

Correlates of Habitual Walking and Sports/Leisure-time Physical Activity in Older Persons in Singapore: Interaction Effects Between Educational Attainment and Gender
C H Wong, S F Wong, L Shen

PDF format articles Free Papers
The Internet as a Source of Health Information Among Singaporeans: Prevalence, Patterns of Health Surfing and Impact on Health Behaviour
T R Siow, I P T Soh, S Sreedharan, S Das De, P P Tan, A Seow, K C Lun

A Prospective Audit of Critical Incidents in Anaesthesia in a University Teaching Hospital
E H C Liu, K F Koh

Burch Colposuspension: Review of Perioperative Complications at a Women's and Children's Hospital in Singapore
H Y Wee, C Low, H C Han

Outcomes of Acute Arthroscopic Repair and Conservative Treatment Following First Traumatic Dislocation of the Shoulder Joint in Young Patients
I Yanmis, S Tunay, M Kömürcü, C Yildiz, V B Tunay, E Gür

Remifentanil in the Management of Laparoscopic Resection of Phaeochromocytoma Case Reports
P C Ip-Yam, P Ruban, C Cheng, T Ravintharan

Giant Pericardial Lipoma: Unusual Cause of Intrathoracic Mass
S J Vyas, C S Pramesh, S Sharma, R K Deshpande

Clinical Profile and Treatment Outcome of Livedoid Vasculitis: A Case Series
S S Lee, P Ang, S H Tan

Acute Embolic Occlusion of the Superior Mesenteric Artery: A Case Report and Discussion of Management
S Pasupathy, M G Sebastian, K H Chia