Vol 32 No. 2, Mar 2003
Cancer Surgery
Guest Editors: Y H Ho, L L P J Ooi

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PDF format articles Theme Papers
Surgical Management of Colorectal Metastases to the Liver
by P C Cheow, L L P J Ooi

Flat and Depressed Lesions of the Colon and Rectum: Pathogenesis and Clinical Management
by K Togashi, F Konishi, K Koinuma, T Ishitsuka, M Kojima, M Okada, H Nagai

Total Mesorectal Excision (TME) Twenty Years On
by A F P K Leong

Practical Issues in Adjuvant Therapy for Rectal Cancer
by J J Tjandra, P Gibbs, M W Chao

Chemoprevention of Colorectal Cancer Experimental Approach and Clinical Applications
by C L Tang

Current Concepts of Tumour Metastasis
by A Barbour, D C Gotley

Current Status in Imaging of Colorectal Liver Metastases
by A G S Tan, C H Thng

Computed Tomographic Appearance of Colorectal Hepatic Metastases
by S H Chiang, C H Thng, C S C Teh, A G S Tan, S L Poddar, B S Wong, P K H Chow, A Y F Chung, L L P J Ooi

Hepatic Resection for Colorectal Metastases to the Liver: The National Cancer Centre/Singapore General Hospital Experience
by C S C Teh, L L P J Ooi

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in the Management of Colorectal Metastases: A Review of the Literature
by S Y K Ong

Colorectal Hepatic Metastases: Role of Radiofrequency Ablation
by T N Lau, R H G Lo, B S Tan

The Molecular Biology of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis from Gastrointestinal Cancer
by D G Jayne

PDF format articles Special Lectures Delivered at the 36th Singapore-Malaysia Congress of Medicine
Speech By Mr Lim Hng Kiang, Minister For Health and Second Minister for Finance, at the Opening Ceremony of the 36th Singapore-Malaysia Congress of Medicine on Thursday, 1 August 2002

Citation on Mr Shaw Vee King for Admission to Honorary Fellowship on 1 August 2002
by V K Pillay

Citation on Professor Lim Pin 16th Gordon Arthur Ransome Orator
by E H Lee

16th Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration: Navigating in the Sea of Science and Technology
by P Lim

Stuart Gan Memorial Lecture 2002: HIV/AIDS in Children
by C Pancharoen, U Thisyakorn

Distinguished Academician Lecture 2001: Autoimmune Liver Disease in Children
by G Mieli-Vergani, D Vergani

Distinguished Academician Lecture 2002: Craniofacial Anomalies: Clinical and Molecular Perspectives
by M Michael Cohen Jr

7th Yahya Cohen Lecture: Significance of the Lateral Epiphysis of the Acetabulum to Hip Joint Stability
by S Singh

Young Investigator's Award Winner: Predicting Significant Hyperbilirubinaemia and Early Discharge for Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficient Newborns
by H H Lim, L M Daniel, J Lee, M C Tan

Citation on Professor Fumio Konishi 2002 Runme Shaw Memorial Lecturer
by F Seow-Choen

Runme Shaw Memorial Lecture 2002: Modern Management of Colorectal Polyps: Are They All Premalignant?
by F Konishi

PDF format articles Book Review