Vol 32 No. 1 January 2003
Adolescent Health
Guest Editor: K Y Loke

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PDF format articles Theme Papers
The Perils of Puberty
by K Y Loke, R M Viner

Five-Year Review of Adolescent Mental Health Usage in Singapore
by N B C Lee, D S S Fung, J Teo, H Chan, Y M Cai

Youth Suicide and Parasuicide in Singapore
by E K Ung

Eating Disorders in Singapore: A Review
by E K Ung

Sexually Transmitted Infections in Singapore Teenagers
by R K W Chan, H H Tan

Adolescent Alcohol and Other Substance Use: Sharing the Australian Experience
by Y Bonomo

Strategies to Promote Better Outcomes in Young People with Chronic Illnesses
by M Yeo, S M Sawyer

Adolescent Chronic Illness: A Qualitative Study of Psychosocial Adjustment
by C A Olsson, Bond L, M W Johnson, L Forer, M F Boyce, S M Sawyer

Clinical Assessment, Management and Outcomes of a Group of Adolescents Presenting with Complex Medico-psychosocial Conditions
by J E Szyndler, S Towns, C Hoffman, D L Bennett

Adolescent Admissions to a Tertiary Paediatric Hospital: A Dynamic Pattern
by P Y Lam, M Yeo, S M Sawyer

From Recreation to Creative Expression: The Essential Features of an Adolescent Inpatient Psychosocial Support Programme
by K McFerran-Skewes, S M Sawyer

Art and "the Language of Well-Being" in Adolescent Health Care
by P Thwaite, D L Bennett, H Pynor, H Zigmond

Adolescent Health Education Programmes: Theoretical Principles in Design and Delivery
by L Sanci, S Glover, C Coffey

PDF format articles Free Papers
Original Articles
Clinical Utility of Selective Intra-arterial Calcium-stimulated Hepatic Venous Sampling in Regionalisation of Insulinomas The Singapore Experience
by M K S Leow, K C Loh, W Y C Kon, D E S Wong, B S Tan, P C Soon

Improving the Uptake of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Antenatal Screening in a Primary Healthcare Setting
by E G Tay, S C Emmanuel

Thyroid Dysfunction in Elderly Patients
by A M L Chuo, J K H Lim

Immediate and Mid-Term Safety and Efficacy of Single Lead VDD Pacemakers for Patients with Atrioventricular Block and Normal Sinus Node Function A Single Centre Experience
by J L Tan, L F Hsu, R M L Kam, W S Teo

One-stage Surgical Correction of Proximal Hypospadias
by V T Joseph

Review Article
Nipah Encephalitis Outbreak in Malaysia
by C T Tan, K T Wong

Case Reports
Intermittent Epoprostenol Infusions in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Associated Pulmonary Hypertension A Series of Three Cases
by K O Kong, H Badsha, J Thumboo, H H Chng

Unusual Case of Bowel Infarction with Invasive Aspergillus in an Immunocompromised Patient
by M H Tay, C Balram, K F Foo, I Busmanis, S Raman, K S Khoo

Short Communication
Routine Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound Examinations: An Audit Comparing Radiographers and Radiologists
by R H G Lo, P P Chan, L P Chan, C C Wilde, R Pant