Vol 31 No. 4 July 2002
Chronic Disease Management
Guest Editors: J T S Cheah, B H Heng, S C Emmanuel

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PDF format articles Editorial
Chronic Disease Management: Challenges for Clinicians and the Way Forward
by J T S Cheah, S C Emmanuel, B H Heng

PDF format articles Theme Papers
Leading Article
National Disease Management Plans for Key Chronic Non-communicable Diseases in Singapore
by C C Tan

Original Articles
Emergency Department Asthma: Compliance with an Evidence-based Management Algorithm
by M Mahadevan, A Jin, P Manning, T K Lim

Variance Analysis Applied to a Stroke Pathway: How This Can Improve Efficiency of Healthcare Delivery
by L S Widjaja, B P Chan, H Chen, B K C Ong, Y T Pang

A Preliminary Evaluation of a Disease Management Programme for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension in a Primary Healthcare Setting
by F S Lim, M P H S Toh, S C Emmanuel, S P Chan, G Lim

The Mastectomy Clinical Pathway: What Has It Achieved?
by U Santoso, P T C Iau, J Lim, C S L Koh, Y T Pang

Evidence-based Medicine: The Key to Guidelines, Disease and Care Management Programmes
by N Friedman

Stroke Disease Management A Framework for Comprehensive Stroke Care
by N Venketasubramanian, B P L Chan, E Lim, Noor Hafizah, K T Goh, Y J Lew, L Loo, A Yin, L Widjaja, W C Loke, G Kuick, N L Lee, B S Ong, S F Koh, B H Heng, J Cheah

Causes for the Evolution of Case Management and the Development of a Working Model in an Acute Care Hospital in Singapore
by H Y Tai

Asthma Disease Management: A Provider's Perspective
by J Abisheganaden

A Countrywide Approach to the Control of Non-communicable Diseases The Singapore Experience
by S C Emmanuel, S L Lam, S K Chew, B Y Tan

PDF format articles Free Papers
Original Articles
Myocardial Infarction in Singapore: A Nationwide 10-year Study of Multiethnic Differences in Incidence and Mortality
by A T H Tan, S C Emmanuel, B Y Tan, W S Teo, T S J Chua, B H Tan

Audit of Total Parenteral Nutrition in an Adult Surgical Intensive Care
by S M Tay, P C Ip-Yam, B L Lim, Y W Chan

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Older Population in Singapore
by H H Tan, R K W Chan, C L Goh

Fluconazole Susceptibility of Candida Species in Singapore by Disc Diffusion Test
by L L E Oon, M G C Yeo

The Epidemiology and Treatment of Anogenital Warts in Singapore: A Retrospective Evaluation
by Y C Chan, K Y Ng, R K W Chan

Problems Related to Epidural Analgesia for Postoperative Pain Control
by J M Ng, M H Goh

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy in the Management of Complex Upper Urinary Tract Calculi: The Singapore General Hospital Experience
by H C Nguyen, Y H Tan, M Y C Wong

Transesophageal Echocardiography or Fluoroscopy During Port-Access Surgery?
by S Mierdl, D Meininger, C Byhahn, T Aybek, P Kessler, K Westphal

Case Reports
Subdural Block From a Spinal? A Case Report
by S Y Chan, E L Ong

All that Wheezes is not Asthma Broncholithiasis, a Forgotten Disease
by S Y Low, P Eng

A Case of Pulmonary Haemorrhage Following Jet Ventilation for Vocal Cord Surgery
by E L Ong

Mental Disorders and Public Safety of the Community at Large Does the Tarasoff Principle Apply in Singapore?
by L P Kok, H L Yap, M Cheang

General Medicine Revisited, Rejuvenated, Revitalised and Reemphasised
by Y C Chee

PDF format articles Book Review
Textbook of Occupational Medicine Practice (2nd edition)
by Gregory Chan