Vol. 31 No. 1 January 2002
Special Theme: Osteoporosis

Guest Editors: L K H Koh, K H Leong, D C E Ng

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PDF format articles Editorial
Osteoporosis: A Treatable Disease
by K H Leong, L K H Koh, D C E Ng

PDF format articles Theme Papers
Original Articles
Osteoporotic Hip Fractures in Singapore Costs and Patient's Outcome
by M K Wong, Arjandas, L K Ching, S L Lim, N N Lo

Differentiation of Malignant Vertebral Collapse from Osteoporotic and Other Benign Causes Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
by D Y L Tan, I Y Y Tsou, T S G Chee

Percutaneous Vertebroplasty in the Management of Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures: Initial Experience
by I Y Y Tsou, P Y T Goh, W C G Peh, L A Goh, T S G Chee

To Establish the Normal Bone Mineral Density Reference Database for the Singapore Male
by F L Thoo, S M Chng, K S Lam, J B I Lee, M C Tan, H S Teh, T K Khoo

Review Articles
An Asian Perspective to the Problem of Osteoporosis
by L K H Koh

Osteoporosis in Relation to Menopause
by W L Choo, F H Loh, S C Ng

Osteoporosis Risk Factor Assessment and Bone Densitometry Current Status and Future Trends
by L K H Koh, D C E Ng

Medical Treatment of Osteoporosis Increasing Options
by K H Leong

Steroid-induced Osteoporosis
by P N Sambrook

Bone Fragility in Asian and Caucasian Men
by Y Duan, E Seeman

Osteoporosis A Worldwide Problem and the Implications in Asia
by E M C Lau

The Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010: For Prevention and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disease
by I Y Y Tsou, H H Chng

PDF format articles Free Papers
Original Articles
Single Centre Review of Radiologically-guided Percutaneous Nephrostomies: A Report of 273 Procedures
by L S J Sim, B S Tan, S K H Yip, C K Ng, R H G Lo, K Y Yeong, M M Htoo, C W S Cheng

Intussusception: A Three-Year Review
by A H M Lai, K B Phua, E L H J Teo, A S Jacobsen

Epidemiology of Beta-haemolytic Group G Streptococcal Bacteraemia in Singapore (1996 to 1998)
by W S N Tee, P K Lieu, C C L Ngan

Bacteriologically-negative Pulmonary Tuberculosis The Singapore Tuberculosis Control Unit Experience
by W Y Pek, C B E Chee, Y T Wang

Hepatolithiasis A Case Series
by C T Heng, K H Liau, C K Ho C Y Chan, M Wong, S P Chew

Review Article
Prevention of Restenosis after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: The Continuing Challenge
by V Y T Lim, C N S Chan

Case Reports
Embolisation of a Renal Artery Pseudoaneurysm in a Patient with Renal Malrotation and Chronic Aortic Dissection
by K Y Lau, W K Kan, S M Hou, D J Roebuck, W T Fung

Two Case Reports on Incessant Left Ventricular Tachycardia: Curative Therapy with Radiofrequency Ablation
by C S Tan, L F Hsu, R M L Kam, W S Teo

A Case Report of Neurologically Unstable Fracture c of the Lumbosacral Spine in a Patient with Ankylosing Spondylitis
by H T Hee, J Thambiah, A Nather, H K Wong

Continuing Professional Development
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia and Chronic Lung Disease of Iinfancy: Strategies for Prevention and Management
by L Y Ho