Vol. 28 No. 5 Sep 1999
Craniomaxillofacial Trauma and Disorders

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PDF format articles Editorial
A Duty of Quality
by A Sandham J F Yeo, M H S Huang

PDF format articles Original Articles
Aetiology and Distribution of Mandibular Fractures in the National University Hospital, Singapore
by W K S Tan, T C Lim

A Review of Mandibular Fractures in a Craniomaxillofacial Trauma Centre
by A G Tay, V K L Yeow, B K Tan, K Sng, M H S Huang, C L Foo

Intraoral Mandibular Distraction : Indications, Technique and Long-term Results
by P A Diner, C Tomat, V Soupre, H Martinez, M P Vazquez

Surface Laser Scanning of the Cleft Palate Deformity - Validation of the Method
by K W C Foong, A Sandham, S H Ong, C W Wong, Y Wang, A Kassim

Sutures, Growth Plates and the Craniofacial Base - Experimental Studies in the Toothless (tl-Osteopetrotic) Rat
by S C Marks Jr, P R Odgren, S N Popoff, T Wurtz

Epidemiology of Cleft Lip and Palate in Singapore - A 10-Year Hospital-based Study
by N N Yi, V K L Yeow, S T Lee

The Role of Multiple Segment Osteotomies in Orthognathic Surgery
by V K L Yeow, Y R Chen, C P Su

A 5-Year Survey of Oral Biopsies in an Oral Surgical Unit in Singapore: 1993-1997
by A B G Tay

An Anatomic Evaluation of the Furlow Double Opposing Z-Plasty Technique of Cleft Palate Repair
by M H S Huang, J E Riski, S R Cohen, C A Simms, F D Burstein

PDF format articles Review Articles
Lessons Learnt from the Management of 1500 Complex Facial Fractures
by J S Gruss, M F Whelan, R P Rand, R G Ellenbogen

Repair of Complex Orbital Fractures: Technical Problems, State-of-the-art Solutions and Future Perspectives
by B Hammer, C Kunz, A Schramm, R deRoche, J Prein

Reconstruction of Cranial Bone Defects Using Alloplastic Implants Produced from a Stereolithographically-generated Cranial Model
by A C Cheng, A G Wee

Oral Rehabilitation Using Dental Implants and Guided Bone Regeneration
by W L Chong, S A Chu, J G Dam, K S Ong

A Review of Common Mucocutaneous Disorders Affecting the Mouth and Lips
by C Scully

Pathogenesis and Morphogenesis of Craniofacial Developmental Anomalies
by G H Sperber

The Role of Laser Surface Imaging in the Evaluation of Craniomaxillofacial Disorders: The Singapore General Hospital Experience
by S C Aung

Alveolar Bone Grafts: The Surgical/Orthodontic Management of the Cleft Maxilla
by K W L Vig

The Role of Distraction Osteogenesis in the Management of Craniofacial Disorders
by S R Cohen, F D Burstein, J K Williams