Vol. 28 No. 3 May 1999
32nd SMC

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Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography : Value of Using the Half-Fourier Acquisition Single-Shot Turbo Spin-Echo (HASTE) Sequence
by J T S Ho, C K Yap

Swallowing Impairment and Feeding Dependency in the Hospitalised Elderly
by A Lee, Y Y Sitoh, P K Lieu, S Y Phua, J J Chin

Perceived Need for Community Geriatric Services : A Survey at a Regional Hospital in Singapore in an Inpatient Setting
by Y H Ang, S F Wong

Long-term Outcome and Disease Control in Near-fatal Asthma
by W C Tan, K P Lim, T P Ng, T C Chao, Y Y Ong, Y C Chee

Hospitalised Low-risk Community-acquired Pneumonia : Outcome and Potential for Cost-savings
by K H Lee, N K Chin, W C Tan, T K Lim

A Preliminary Study of the Immunohistochemical Detection of a Novel Tumour Marker, 22-1-1 Antigen, in Gynaecological Cancer Specimens
by K Razvi, K Sonoda, Y S Lee, K F Tham, F K Lim, E L Yong

Trends in Mortality, Incidence, Hospitalisation, Cardiac Procedures and Outcomes of Care for Coronary Heart Disease in Singapore, 1991-1996
by T P Ng, K H Mak, K H Phua, C H Tan

Acoustic Neuroma : Outcome of Surgical Resection and Study on the Anatomy of Facial and Cochlear Nerves
by C Guerin, P Sampath, D M Long

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