Vol. 28 No. 1 January 1999
Experimental Surgery

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Microvascular Lung Tissue Oxygenation - A Methodological Study in the Pig
by U Gustafsson, J K E Persson, A Suneson, B T Kjellstrom

The Results of Autogenous Tibial Periosteal Transplants for Full Thickness Cartilage Defects in the Knee Joints of Pigs
by P C C Chang, R M Pradhan, A K Mitra, C S Sim, B K Tay

A Simple Method of Blood Pressure Measurement in the Pig Using a Neonatal Cuff
by P K H Chow, T H Ng, D Heng, P O P Mack

Use of Titanium Prosthesis to Bridge a Vertebral Gap in the Spine - A Preliminary Experimental Study
by I S Rikhraj, C T Tan, S K Tan, S H Teoh, G W Hastings

The Viability of Liver Graft for Transplantation After Prolonged Warm Ischaemia
by H S Ong, K C Soo, V T Joseph, S Y Tan, P R Jeyaraj

Direct Mucosal Targeting of Colonic Receptors by Prokinetic Drugs in an Experimental Model
by Y H Ho, D F Evans, J D Hardcastle

The Effect of Storage at - 70 degree Celsius and - 150 degree Celsius on the Torsion Properties of the Canine Femur
by B P Pereira, K S Khong, R T H Ng

Radionuclide Studies of Articular Cartilage in the Early Diagnosis of Arthritis in the Rabbit
by S W K Yu, S M Shaw, D C Van Sickle

Nitric Oxide Synthase - Its Distribution and Alteration in the Intramural Ganglia of the Urinary Bladder in Normal and Urethra - obstructed Guinea Pigs
by Y Zhou, E A Ling

The Expression of Insulin-like Growth Factor II, Hepatitis B Virus X Antigen and p21 in Experimental Hepatocarcinogenesis in Tree Shrews
by J J Su, G Z Qin, R Q Yan, D R Huang, C Yang, P D Lotlikar

Synergistic Effect of Hepatitis B Virus and Aflatoxin B1 in Hepatocarcinogenesis in Tree Shrews
by Y Li, J J Su, L L Qin, C Yang, K C Ban, R Q Yan

Efficacy of Contraction Upcoupling by 2,3 - Butanedione Monoxime during Initial Reperfusion versus Cardioplegic Arrest for Protection of Isolated Hearts
by H Habazettl, J Voigtlander, D Muhlbayer

The Role of Mast Cell Degranulation in Ischaemia-reperfusion-induced Mucosal Injury in the Small Intestine
by M Boros, B Ordogh, J Kaszaki, S Nagy

Experimental Study of Hypovolaemic Shock-Induced Gastric Mucosal Lesions in the Rat
by I Zollei

Establishment of Animal Models Using Experimental Rats for Allogeneic Tissue Transplantation and Quantitative Flow Cytometric Detection of Immunochimera
by L Sun, B H Lim, V Yeow, L X Xin, P Tan

An Animal Model for the Study of Hepatic Stellate Cell and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Interaction
by L L P J Ooi, B H Bay, R T H Ng, I C Song, P O P Mack